The fish cleaning facilities at both Kioloa and Bawley Point were discussed at a General Meeting of the Bawley Point Kioloa Termeil Community Association.

A proposed upgrade to the existing facilities at Kioloa Boat Ramp as well as a new facility at Bawley Point Boat ramp were proposed.

Both proposals were welcomed by those attending the meeting.

The next stage is to have consultation with the Community.

You are invited to attend an informal meeting to discuss these two proposals or any other ideas you feel may be relevant to this subject matter. Clearly design, size, environmental impact are some of the issues to be discussed including validating the need for such facilities.

Adam Martin is a local fisherman with a background in Recreation Fisheries Management and he will lead the discussions!

Adman will be present on:

Sunday 6th March 2022, 1-3 pm at Bawley Point boat ramp and

Sunday 13th March 2022, 1-3 pm at Kioloa boat ramp

We would like as many people as possible to attend and share their views!!

Council flagged sometime ago that the existing fishing table at Kioloa Boat ramp needed upgrading as access to it was difficult once high tide had covered the rocks upon which the table sits.

There are currently no fish cleaning facilities at Bawley Beach boat ramp and fish are cleaned on the adjacent rocks next to the ramp.