Shoalhaven Community Consultative Bodies

The Shoalhaven environment is recognised as one of the most beautiful, yet sensitive, in the State. Consequently Council and the community are faced with the challenging responsibility of accommodating an acceptable and sustainable level of growth, whilst protecting the inherent natural qualities of our area. This involves sound decision making. There are 49 towns and villages in the City of Shoalhaven and there is a range of characteristics unique to every centre of population. This diversity creates a need for Council to consult with the community on a wide range of issues. Community consultation is an important component of responsible decision making. One means by which Council is committed to consulting with the community is by a two-way communication process with organisations recognised by Council as Community Consultative Bodies. A Community Consultative Body (CCB) is an organisation which:

a) Has geographic boundaries covering an area with a common interest (i.e. a community of interest)

b) Has the general support and confidence of the local community to: i) disseminate information ii) facilitate discussion iii) communicate collective views of the community to Council.

c) Seeks to represent the residents and ratepayers within the CCB area.

d) Complies with the adopted ‘Guidelines for the Conduct of Community Consultative Bodies’.

e) Is formally recognised by Council as a CCB.

The Bawley Point Kioloa Termeil Community Association was formally recognised as a CCB in 2012.