Shoalhaven Council’s 24/25 Draft Delivery Programme, Operational Plan & Budget were circulated to Members on 5/5/2024 with 28 days for public submissions.

A majority of CCBs had previously requested the Council to appoint an Independent Finance Advisory Committee (IFAC), made up of independent local financial professionals, to assist in preparing those documents. The Council rejected that request.

The group of local financial professionals have now undertaken, on the limited information available, an analysis of the draft 24/25 Budget & have flagged a possible understatement of $10m in the net operation deficit of the General Fund for 24/25 alone. They also find that there is also a potential cumulative understatement of $70m over a 5-year period. Accelerating employee costs & loan repayments, together estimated at 99% of the Council’s rates income, are central to their findings; see the attached Shoalhaven City Council (SCC) Observations and Concerns re General Fund Viability –prepared by the IFAC.

We understand that the Berry Forum CCB has briefed our local State Member, Liza Butler & Gareth Ward, Independent State Member for Kiama, to jointly approach the Minister for Local Government to request that they intervene & serve a Performance Improvement Order on the Council.

Members will be further advised of the Minister’s decision.

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240522 SCC CCB Feedback on Sustainability