This project lapsed in December 2021 as BlazeAid did not take up Council’s offer of Kioloa Oval

Council approved a development application for BlazeAid to occupy the Kioloa Oval on 15 May 2021. The approval expires on 15 December 2021.

The BPKTCA is working with Council to clarify BlazeAid its intentions as informally we understand that BlazeAid has withdrawn from this project due in part to COVID restrictions and lack of volunteer resources.


Council approached the Management Committee to present Council’s proposal to locate the BlazeAid work force in Kioloa for the duration of its effort to repair damaged infrastructure in the Shire resulting from the Currowan Fire.

The Management Committee manages Council’s assets in the village on behalf of Council.

BPKTCA was only made aware of this proposal because of its common membership with the Management Committee but was not engaged directly under its CCB role. Consequently BPKTCA provided what little information it had to the community at both the 28 February and 28 March 2021 meetings.

Barbara White has submitted to Council a detailed evaluation of its proposal which makes a number of valid points for discussion within the Community.

Blaze Aid Impact on Kiola Oval

Council has advised that it has taken account of all submissions concerning the BlazeAid Development Proposal and approved it on 14 May 2021. The approval will lapse on 14 Dec 2021.

BPKTCA has requested further consultation between Council, BlazeAid and the Community and awaits advice in relation to that request